How To Choose Your Next Pair of Horse Riding Boots

Equicoat Horse Riding Boots

Beginner and expert horseback riders alike can set themselves up for success with the right equipment and gear. Horse riding boots are an essential part of that! Selecting the right horse riding boots can make an enormous difference to your horse riding experience. How to choose horse riding boots depends on what your level is, […]

Fly Rugs for Horses: What You Need to Know

Horse fly jacket

Taking care of your horse is an essential part of horse riding. It’s not just a sport that you can participate in and leave, but you need to always be thinking about the health and wellbeing of your horse. That’s why horse grooming is so important and should be done on a regular basis. Another […]

What You Need in Your Horse Grooming Kit

Horse Grooming Kit

Grooming your horse is an essential part of caring for their health and wellbeing. And, because of that, it’s an essential part of being a horse owner or rider. We recently wrote an article about horse grooming tips for beginner riders, and now we’d like to dive a bit further. Here we’re going to talk […]

Horse Grooming Tips for Beginner Riders

Horse grooming

Horse riding is unlike other sports because you’re working side-by-side another living creature. Just like you care for your own health and wellbeing, you also need to care for your horse’s. That’s where horse grooming comes in. It’s the way you can ensure your horse’s health and hygiene is in tip-top shape so that they […]

Horse Riding in the Lake District, UK: What You Need to Know

Lake District Horse Riding

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—we are spoiled in the UK for beautiful areas and regions to go horse riding! And the Lake District is no exception, with it even making our list of the best places to go horse riding in the UK. The Lake District has stunning scenery, ample horse-riding […]

Choosing The Best Horse Riding School in London, UK

Horse Riding School London

There’s no doubt about it—the UK is full of amazing places to go horse riding. And, on top of that, there are tons of excellent, high-quality horse riding schools where you can learn! We’ve covered the best riding schools in Kent and Essex already, and now we’re tackling the big city. Yes, that’s right—London has […]

How to Choose a Horse Riding School in Kent, UK

Horse Riding Schools Kent

We’re grateful to live in a country with fabulous horse riding schools all over the place! We’ve already covered the best horse riding schools in Essex, and now want to take a look at the top horse riding schools in Kent, UK. Before we dive in, just a reminder of what you should look for […]

Horse Riding Schools in Essex, UK: How to Choose the Best Option for You

Essex Horse Riding Schools

Horse riding lessons are a great way for riders of any age, skill, or ability to get started with the sport. There are many excellent riding schools in Essex as well as throughout the UK. Some horse riding schools are geared towards children and beginners, while others can help even the most seasoned rider improve. […]

Horse Riding in the New Forest

New Forest Horse Riding

Where’s your favourite place to go horse riding? For us, New Forest National Park is definitely on our list of the best places to go horse riding in the UK! With stunning landscapes all around, it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the country and the perfect place to explore on horseback. And, because […]

Equestrian Clothing for Horse Eventing

horse event clothing

Crossing over from an amateur horse rider to a competitive one is an exciting time. Horse eventing is a fabulous sport that offers challenge, fun, and excitement all in one. And whether you’re looking to reach the top of the leader’s board, or just want to have some goodhearted competitive fun, it takes skill and […]