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Best Places to Go Horse Riding in the UK

One thing we love about horse riding is the ability to explore new places. Taking in a beautiful landscape and scenery while horse riding is a truly amazing experience!

And we are so lucky that there are many wonderful places around the UK to go horse riding. So, whether you prefer greenery and trees or wide open spaces, are a beginner or more experienced—there’s a spot for you.

Here are eight of the best places to go horse riding in the UK for your next adventure.

1. Castle Ward

Castle Ward is a beautiful 18th century national trust property in Strangford, Northern Ireland. It’s an amazing place to explore by horseback, with multiple unique architectural landmarks and stunning natural beauty.

Location: Castle Ward property is near the village of Strangford in County Down, Northern Ireland

Best for: Riders who enjoy well-marked trails with a variety of things to see along the way (scenery, historic mansions, and wildlife).

2. Liberty Trails

Experienced riders who are up for an adventure must try Liberty Trails, or ‘Britain’s last true wilderness,’ as the website calls it. There’s an opportunity to experience Western riding on American Quarter Horses, where you can rush along the wild landscapes and take in the vast scenery.

Location: Dartmoor National Park, Tavistock, England

Best for: Experienced riders who want to be out in wild, untouched nature.

3. Studland Bay

If you’re looking for a peaceful, calming day in the countryside, this is the spot for you! Note that a permit is required to ride along the beach, and riders are asked to avoid galloping or riding in the dunes.

Location: Studland is a village located on the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, England.

Best for: Riding on the beach! Take in the salty ocean air from horseback for a calm, peaceful ride.

Best places for horse riding

4. Northfield Farm

This riding spot is just outside of the town of Flash, which is England’s highest village. With the altitude comes magnificent views from every angle! Northfield Farm is a great riding option for both beginners and more experienced riders.

Location: Flash, England (5 miles south of Buxton) in Peak District National Park

Best for: Riders of all skill levels who are eager to take in some magnificent views.

5. Murthwaite Green Beach

This small, family-run riding centre offers some amazing options for both novice and experienced riders. The seven miles of sandy beach makes it the perfect spot to go for an all-out gallop in the most amazing setting.

Location: Silecroft, Millom, England

Best for: Experienced riders with a need for speed—great place for a full-out gallop along the beach.

6. Brecon Beacons

With over 600 miles of bridle tracks and paths, the national park of Wales is the perfect destination for all horse lovers! Brecon Beacons offer horse riding centres, an extensive network of trails, and some great pubs to stop for a mid-day break.

Location: Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales

Best for: Riders of all skill levels who want a variety of trail options plus the amenities and maintenance of a national park.

7. The New Forest

The New Forest is a large area of unenclosed pastureland and forest area in the south of England. There are over 3,000 ponies that roam the lands, making it the perfect, most natural spot to go for a horse ride!

Location: New Forest National Park, Hampshire, England

Best for: Riders who want to be amongst the wild ponies of the area. This is also a great place to see varying landscapes and countryside charm.

8. South Downs Way

This 100-mile trail through the countryside is great for riders of all levels and purposes. The landscape is perfectly suited with excellent drainage, meaning that there’s no slippery ground when riding this trail. The entire trail takes around four days to complete, but you can also just do sections at a time.

Location: Between Winchester, Hampshire to Eastbourne, East Sussex

Best for: Riders looking for a unique multi-day ride in the countryside.

Before you head out on your next ride, make sure you keep a few things in mind:

  • Do your research: Make sure you’re aware of any permits or other logistics before heading out.
  • Dress for the weather: Keep an eye out on the forecast and bring the right clothing. Rain gear is always a good idea, though! Our Equicoat is designed to help you stay warm and dry in any weather conditions.
  • Stay safe: Make sure you are following all rules of the area and let others know where you are. The British Horse Society has excellent resources on responsible riding and other need-to-know information for horse riders.

And the last thing to note is… have fun! Horse riding is an amazing sport, and we love supporting new and experience riders alike.

This list is really just the beginning when it comes to amazing places to go horse riding in the UK. Is there anywhere we’ve missed? Let us know your favourite locations!

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