Dressage Riding and Clothing: What You Need to Know

Dressage Clothing

Dressage riding is one of the most amazing events in the equestrian world. Seeing a rider and their horse come together to demonstrate skill and athleticism both impressive and entertaining. If you are new to the world of dressage riding, we’re here to give you the basics—what is dressage, how do you participate, and what […]

Horse Riding on the Beach: What, Where, and How

Beach Horse Riding UK

Riding on the Beach: What, Where, and HowIf you’re reading this, you probably love horses and horse riding as much as we do. And you’re probably looking for more places to explore on horseback! Horse riding on the beach is a unique activity, different from other types of horse riding. There are many amazing beaches […]

Best Places to Go Horse Riding in the UK

Places for Horse Riding

One thing we love about horse riding is the ability to explore new places. Taking in a beautiful landscape and scenery while horse riding is a truly amazing experience! And we are so lucky that there are many wonderful places around the UK to go horse riding. So, whether you prefer greenery and trees or […]

How to Choose a Horse Riding School

Horse Riding School

Perhaps you’ve thought about learning to ride since you were a child, or maybe you’re looking for a horse riding school for your child—we’re here to help! Horse riding is a fun and amazing sport, but it’s also a highly technical one, filled with some inherent risks and challenges. For this reason, it’s always best […]

Top 10 Horse Riding Jackets

Top Horse Riding Coat

Like most sports, horse riding requires a very specific wardrobe. And no, it’s not all about fashion (although we love that, too!), but also safety and functionality. Since there are some inherent risks to horseback riding, it’s important to maximize your wardrobe to stay safe, comfortable, and secure while riding. An excellent horse riding jacket […]

Top 10 Equestrian Clothing & Accessories

Horse Riding Accessories

Whether you’ve ridden a horse just a few times or your entire life, you know how important it is to have the right horse-riding clothes and gear. Horse riding is not a sport that you can just show up in a t-shirt and shorts like some other sports! Instead, it is important to have the […]

The History of Equestrian Jackets

Riding Jacket

The relationship between riders and their horses dates back for centuries. Scholars believe that the earliest depiction of ridden horses date all the way back to 1900 B.C. Horses are amazing creatures that have held a variety of roles in different cultures throughout the years: sport, entertainment, function, transportation, companionship, and more. And if we […]