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Horse Riding on the Beach: What, Where, and How

Riding on the Beach: What, Where, and HowIf you’re reading this, you probably love horses and horse riding as much as we do. And you’re probably looking for more places to explore on horseback! Horse riding on the beach is a unique activity, different from other types of horse riding. There are many amazing beaches to ride horses in the UK and around the world.

But before you grab your horse riding coat and gear to go for a ride, there are a few things to know about horse riding on the beach. Here we’ll cover the basics you need to be familiar with and some locations in the UK to explore.

Here’s everything you need to know about horse riding on the beach—enjoy!

What Makes Horse Riding on the Beach Different

As you become a more skilled and experienced horse rider, you’ll want to expand the places you visit. It’s beneficial for both the horse and rider to experience new landscapes and environments.

Horse riding on the beach is different from trails, open pastures, or training facilities. You’ll need different gear (i.e., horse riding coat and weather appropriate clothing) and expect a different ride as well.

Here’s what makes horse riding on the beach a unique experience:

  • The different environment is good for horses, both because they enjoy new scenery and because it provides a different type of fitness and exercise.
  • There’s an opportunity to train and strengthen horses in the shallow waters of a beach.
  • The landscapes are beautiful and inspiring, giving the rider a boost of energy and enthusiasm for the sport. It’s a great time to catch the sunrise or sunset, too!
  • You can pick your pace—a slow, romantic beach stroll or a full-out gallop down the beach.
  • Develop new skills and techniques whilst riding in a different environment.

Beach Horse Riding

Where to Go Horse Riding on the Beach in the UK

Selecting an appropriate beach for horse riding is important. Most public beaches won’t allow horse riding as it can be, of course, disruptive, and potentially dangerous to the public spending a day at the beach.

That said, there are many places around the UK where you can go horse riding. Here are a few options to check out:

  • Island Riding Centre, Newport, Wales: Fully equipped holiday destination for people wanting to ride horses on the beach. They have a school, stables and livery yard, and plenty of trail options along the beautiful beach.
  • Murthwaite Green, Silecroft, Millom, Cumbria: Explore seven miles of beautiful sandy beaches near the quaint village of Silecroft. This family-run business supports riders of all abilities to come explore.
  • Pakefield Riding School, Suffolk: With their popular one-hour beach ride option, this is an excellent option for beginners. More skilled riders can go for longer rides and enjoy the beauty of the beaches in this area.

The UK coastline offers many gorgeous beaches to explore on horseback. This resource compiles a full list of beaches and riding schools for horse riding. Many of these are private facilities that have training schools and facilities for people to use.

Some public beaches also allow horse riding, but it’s important to check with the local authority about specific rules and regulations to follow.

You can also check out our round up of the best places to go horse riding in the UK if you need more options!

How to Prepare for Horse Riding on the Beach

Preparation is key to make the most of your experience. After choosing a beach to go horse riding, here are a few other things to think about:

  • Bring the right gear: Dress for the weather, as always, but also remember—you’re going to get wet! The wet sand or shallow water will kick up onto you as you ride, so be prepared. A high-quality horse riding coat, like our Equicoat, that is designed to keep you warm and dry in any weather is essential.
  • Learn about the beach: Check out information such as high and low tides, trail options, sand quality, and public amenities (i.e., bathrooms, rest areas, drinking water). It’s important to know what to expect for a day’s ride on the beach.
  • Be patient and give your horse time to adapt: If it’s you and your horses first time riding on a beach, you’ll need to adjust to the new environment. Some horses can find the sand, water, and waves overwhelming, so ease them into it.

Horse riding on the beach is a fun and exciting option to try. But if it’s a new environment for both you and your horse, it’s important to be prepared and take it slow. Joining a horse riding school or guided ride is an excellent way to experience the magic of horse riding on the beach while staying safe in the group.

And, like any ride, your gear can make or break your experience! Investing in high-quality clothing and a horse riding coat are important to stay safe, warm, and dry. If you have any questions about the Equicoat and if it’s the right option for you, feel free to contact us or learn more about our innovative horse riding coat.

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