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How to Choose a Horse Riding School in Kent, UK

We’re grateful to live in a country with fabulous horse riding schools all over the place! We’ve already covered the best horse riding schools in Essex, and now want to take a look at the top horse riding schools in Kent, UK.

Before we dive in, just a reminder of what you should look for when choosing a horse riding school: facilities and offerings, equipment and gear, cost, license and accreditation, and the location.

And, like any outdoor sport or activity, it’s important that you’ve thought about appropriate horse riding clothing. Consider looking at our Equicoat, a horse riding coat designed to keep you warm and dry in any weather—perfect for taking some lessons out in Kent!

Here are eight horse riding schools in Kent for you to check out.

8 Horse Riding Schools in Kent

1. Barton Field Farm Equestrian Centre

In operation since 2002, Barton Field Farm hosts a variety of lessons for riders—private, group, BHS exam training, stable management groups, and more. They have an indoor school with a viewing gallery as well as a floodlit outdoor area.

Location: Wingham Road, Littlebourne, Canterbury, Kent

What’s unique about them: With the goal to always offer new experiences, Barton hosts in-house house dressage and show jumping events.

2. Coldblow Equestrian Centre

Coldblow offers a large, clean, and well-kept indoor arena. It’s 22×50 meters large, with full height kicking boards and a fibre and wax surface. They offer training and lessons for intermediate to advanced riders only.

Location: Coldblow Lane, Thurnham, Maidstone, Kent

What’s unique about them: Coldblow offers both a Traineeship and Apprenticeship program for riders looking to gain skills and vocational qualifications for riding and horse care.

3. Cornilo Riding

Cornilo offers a variety of riding lesson options for people of all levels. In addition to regular classes and “pony for the day” experience, Cornilo also operates with the Riding for the Disabled Association. This provides sessions for children with physical and behavioural difficulties.

Location: Forge Lane, Sutton-By-Dover, Kent

What’s unique about them: Cornilo has a full events calendar, with activities like Halloween parties, special trainings, and bonfires.

4. Mayfield Stables & Riding School

With nearly 30 years of experience, this family-run horse riding school does it all. You can take lessons, train for BHS exams, prepare for dressage and show jumping, or go for a leisurely hack in the countryside.

Location: Mayfield, Ricketts Hill Road, Tatsfield, Westerham, Kent

What’s unique about them? Mayfield has expanded their offerings to host birthday parties for children! It’ll be a party to remember, that’s for sure.

5. Mount Mascal Stables

As one of the larger horse riding schools in the area, Mount Mascal operates under the motto, “Horsemanship for All.” They extend their love of horse riding to the community through a range of activities—lessons, hacking, pony club, and training and courses.

Location: Vicarage Road, Stable Lane, Bexley, Kent

What’s unique about them? Mount Mascal Stables won the SEIB Award for Large Riding School of the Year 2022!

We has a chance to speak to Alison Window from the stables and she offered us some amazing insight into day to day life in the stables and riding school

  1. How long has your riding school been active and what made you setup the school? 54 years, remains a family business my mother set it up when my father purchased her first pony.

  1. How many horses do you have and how many people pass through your school each week? 45 in the RS, 300 approx.

  1. What is the hardest part about running a riding school? Staff recruitment and retention, escalating price of horse purchases and client expectation.

  1. What inspired you to start riding? My mother she was a jockey,  and pure enjoyment of the sport.

  1. What do you enjoy most about your job? The variation each day, seeing our clients progress and enjoy our herd and working alongside the horses.

  1. What would you suggest helping someone who is nervous of horses but still wants to learn to ride? Have a go! If you are nervous perhaps start with some groundwork to begin, before getting in the saddle. Our horses and ponies are very patient and have taught many riders to fall in love with the sport.

6. Nelson Park Riding Centre

Started back in 1987, Nelson Park is one of the oldest riding centres in the region. Today it’s grown to a large riding school that offers lessons, camps, clinics, and shows for riders of all ages and skill levels.

Location: St. Margaret’s Road, Woodchurch, Birchington, Kent

What’s unique about them? They offer a café on the weekends and free Wi-Fi and indoor viewing area. This makes it easy for parents or guests to come watch and relax during a lesson.

7. Squirrells Riding School

Squirrells is an excellent option for new riders, as they offer lessons from just a 20-minute “taster” session to longer group or private lessons. They operate a Pony Club for members between the ages of 4 and 25.

Location: Blue Bell Hill, Chatham, Kent

What’s unique about them: Squirrells believes in giving back and operates annual charitable fundraising events.

8. White Rocks Farm

Western Riding Centre is located on White Rocks Farm as a BHS approved riding centre. They specialized in western riding and offer individual or group lessons to people of all experience levels.

Location: Underriver, Sevenoaks, Kent

What’s unique about them: White Rocks Farm is a specialist training centre that offers courses for students with additional educational needs. Part of their BTEC coursework includes horse riding and care.

Every horse riding school is unique and different. The best way to figure out what’s best is to talk directly to the school and even go for a visit. You’ll get a better sense of the facilities and choose the right option for you or your family.

We want to see you thrive in your horse riding lessons, and the right horse riding coat is part of that. Contact us for any questions about the Equicoat and if it’s right for you. Then, get out there and enjoy the beautiful Kent countryside!

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