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How To Choose Your Next Pair of Horse Riding Boots

Beginner and expert horseback riders alike can set themselves up for success with the right equipment and gear. Horse riding boots are an essential part of that! Selecting the right horse riding boots can make an enormous difference to your horse riding experience.

How to choose horse riding boots depends on what your level is, where you go horse riding, your budget, and many other factors. Here we’ll talk about everything you need to know when choosing a new pair of horse riding boots.

Features of Horse Riding Boots

Before getting into any other details, you need to understand the different types of riding boots. There are many different kinds, but all of them have these similarities:

  • Small heel: Your horse riding boots should have a small heel (at least half an inch) that will prevent your foot from sliding through the stirrup.
  • Closed toe: Your boots must absolutely protect your toes and feet as it’s likely you’ll get stepped on by your horse at least a couple times. Though not the main type of injury from horseback riding, a horse stepping on your foot can seriously hurt if you’re not wearing the right shoes.
  • Durability: Horse riding boots are designed for durability so that you can withstand rough weather or riding conditions. Leather, rubber, suede, and synthetic materials can all be durable choices.
  • Ventilation: Riding a horse is great exercise, and your feet can get warm. You want adequate ventilation in your boots so your feet don’t overheat.
  • Flexibility: Along with being durable, you want your horse riding boots to be comfortable and flexible, so they can move with you easily.

Types of Horse Riding Boots

These are the main features of horse riding boots that you should be looking for. From there, you can evaluate the different types of boots and find something that suits your preferences.

There are two main categories to consider:

  • English or Western-style horse riding boots: English riding boots are for events like jumping and dressage. They are typically very fitted and made with black leather, as this allows you to feel the horse very carefully between your legs. Western-style boots are used for events like roping and rodeo—they are more comfortable and casual than English-style.
  • Short or tall horse riding boots: Tall boots come up to just beneath your knee, whereas short boots stop at your ankle. You’ll need tall boots if you want to participate in English riding events, but if you don’t plan to do that, either is fine. Short boots are typically paired with half chaps to protect your calves while riding.

When considering the type of horse riding boot to purchase, think about how you are going to use them. Again, if you are participating in any formal English riding competitions, you’ll need the correct type of tall boots. Dressage riding and clothing has very specific rules to follow, so make sure you know what is required before signing up to compete.  

If you’re not participating in a formal event, your choices are simply based on preference.

4 Factors to Consider When Buying Horse Riding Boots

Now that we talked about the main types and features of horse riding boots, here are a few other factors to consider when looking at your next set of horse riding boots.

1. Price

High-quality horse riding boots are an investment. Prices can range significantly depending on the material and quality of the boot. Make sure you spend some time researching options and perhaps wait for a sale before buying it.

2. Zippers

When purchasing tall boots, note that some have zippers and some do not. You’ll want to consider how comfortable and easy to use they are and which option you prefer.

3. Riding socks

Make sure you try your horse riding boots on with riding socks to get the right fit. These are thicker socks that may impact the fit of the boot compared to plain, everyday socks.

4. Comfort

Though you want your riding boots to be comfortable, it may take a bit of time for them to break in. Don’t be surprised if the first few times you ride they are a little uncomfortable—that’s normal. However, when you are purchasing them, make sure you get ones that feel comfortable and fit well.

If you’re ready to start looking for horse riding boots, check out Discount Equestrian, Horze, and Go Outdoors, which all have a wide selection to choose from.

Many horse riding schools and stables will also have an on-site shop, so you can check them out too. You may want to ask your instructor or other expert horseback riders for their advice as well.

Finally, a good horseback riding outfit doesn’t stop at boots—here are the top 10 equestrian clothing and accessories you need.

One key piece is a high-quality, durable, and comfortable horse riding coat. If you’re looking for something to withstand all the weather elements in the UK, check out Equicoat. We’ve designed it for all conditions and all riders… and we think it’ll look pretty good with your new boots, too!

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